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Cerro Scores Big Labor Savings with Advantage Press Tube

We promise this won?t be a long rambling piece. If you?re familiar with the plumbing industry you probably know that Press fittings originally by manufactured Viega under the ProPress brand but now copied by many, was one of the biggest innovations in our industry in two decades. Although the Press fittings manufactured in several materials are significantly higher in price than their traditional counterparts the labor savings is dramatic. A skilled plumber using a torch to solder or braze a large diameter fitting takes quite a bit of time and skill. There is quite a bit of room for error especially in larger diameter pipe and fittings. With Propress you measure, cut the pipe, deburr, make up the fittings and crimp away. It?s that simple.

That brings us to the reason for this article. Cerro Flow Products is one of the largest manufacturers of copper tubing in the world. The quality of their tubing is unsurpassed. Traditionally when you want to use press fittings you would buy the Cerro tube (or any other brand for that matter) and the press fittings and then cut the pipe, clean and deburr and then install. Once again the bulk of the labor is in the cleaning and deburring of the pipe. In 2009 Cerro Introduced Cerro Advantage Press Tube. However the process and products were not granted patents until 2011 changing again the landscape of labor for the installation of copper piping systems. Cerro has manufactured their pipe with the option of having a coupling pre made with a press coupling on one end or both. You can imagine how beneficial this will prove when installing long runs of pipe. No more cutting, cleaning and deburring is necessary. Obviously if you need to cut in fittings traditional methods will still apply however the labor cost savings on runs is invaluable, in fact Cerro demonstrates in the video below how a technician can realize up to a 50% savings in labor by using the Advantage Press Tube.

Innovation Rules, Traditions are Broken

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