Animals Using Toilets



Animals can make amazing companions.ÿ Buddies that are always there for you, and love you no matter whats going on in your life.ÿ But cleaning up their crap is a pain.ÿ Dane Cook had a joke where he mentions that if alien life came to Earth and saw a man with a little bag cleaning up the poop of a dog, they would think the animals were the dominant ones.

Well, if your pets could use the toilet wouldn?t that just be amazing?ÿ (I would probably wipe the seat down before I go though)

Another cat pooping?

And if you thought cats were the only ones who could do it you would be wrong, here?s a dog using the toilet.

Here we have a pig using the toilet. Instead of rolling around in his own crap he sits down, reads the paper and then wipes! Okay not really, but still the fact the he uses the toilet is neat.

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