Back By Popular Demand ? Jim Olsztynski and The Cranky Customer



We have come a long way from our humble beginnings 9 years ago. From the beginning, we?ve tried to position ourselves as a place where a plumbing pro can come to find some tips on the trade while being accessible enough for the consumer to jump in and look at reviews and learn about the plumbing trade. Jim was the editor of the plumbing industry?s premier publication PM Magazine. He was instrumental in delivering the now famous series ?History of Plumbing? to PM Magazine. Coming from someone who read the 8-part series cover to cover, it was awesome. Jim and I go back quite a few years and the relationship with my father Art Kavanaugh goes back even further. It?s only natural that we would want him to contribute to our site. In his time writing and being involved with the trades he?s seen just about every type of customer and has seen how plumbing contractors react. Are customers always right? Absolutely not but they are still the customer, they still keep your lights on. So we decided to put together a series exploring issues every contractor has seen. Each ?story? is based on a wealth of experience on how to handle situations and more importantly how not to handle them. So if you?re plumbing contractor this is your chance to brush up on your customer service skills and if you?re a consumer maybe you?ll find a situation that is similar to something you?re going through and you?ll come to see that maybe the contractor is in fact right. Please understand, we pick no sides. We are here to, in the famous words of my friend David Corbin ?Illuminate a possibly negative situation in a positive light? We have named this section ?The Cranky Customer? please enjoy.



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