Bad Bookkeepers Cause Plumbing Companies to Overpay Taxes



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This Article Will Focus On helping Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors to lower their tax bills.

Your Tax Bill Is Based ? On reports produced from your accounting system. The old saying garbage in = garbage out is absolutely true here. Only it means Garbage In QuickBooks = Your Plumbing And Mechanical Company Overpaid The Taxes!ÿ

took an online class, spent a few months working in an accounting firm or is self-taught and believes in learning by experience (this means when they make a mistake you get to pay for it) then your Plumbing and Mechanical Company is very likely paying a lot more taxes than it should.

According To Malcom Gladwell ? Author of the book ?Outlier? it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. In his book there are many examples including the Beatles who played nearly 10,000 hours together in Germany before the emerged as ?The Beatles?. He describes how Tiger Woods invested 10,000 hours on the golf course before he turned 21 and describes in detail how Bill Gates as a kid put in 10,000 on his PC and many other examples.

Professional Bookkeepers ? Are people who have invested at least 10,000 hours in practicing and learning their trade because that is what it takes at least that long to become a master bookkeeper.

Foundation Of Successful Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors

You Would Not ? Hire the cheapest amateur to handle your marketing and lead generation

You Would Not ? Hire the cheapest amateur to handle your marketing and lead generation
You Would Not ? Hire the cheapest amateur to handle your accounting and bookkeeping
You Would Not ? Hire the cheapest apprentices to handle your production

Putting Receipts ?ÿIn QuickBooks is easy! Putting them in the right account and coded to the correct item and the correct job so the reports are accurate is another thing altogether.

You Need Financial Reports ? You can trust and know that when the Monthly, Quarterly and Annual tax returns are calculated and filed that you are paying the right amount, which is the least amount and that one of the areas professional bookkeepers, earn their money.

If Your Bookkeeper ?ÿPut all receipts in as expenses you could be overpaying your taxes by at least 5% and probably more.

If You Think Your Tax Preparer ? Will catch any bookkeeping errors think again! That is not what they are paid to do! Tax preparers are paid to prepare tax returns as fast as possible! It is human nature not to do work we are not paid to do which means most of them will not spend the time and effort to review the details of hundreds or thousands of transactions to make sure the amounts have been put in the right accounts. Read More?

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