Bathtub Parts You Should Have On Hand Just In Case



The bathtub is one place you may take for granted. Being able to enjoy a bath for hygienic purposes as well as relaxation is vital for a healthy body. However, even bathtub parts are susceptible to breaking down or could use replacement on occasion.

Just in case, it is a good idea to keep specific bathtub parts around the home, in case the need for them arises.

Sometimes, the standard parts that make your tub function can look a little lackluster and could use a little sprucing up.

Thanks to repetitive use, age, and the risk of corrosion from water damage, hair, and other debris, individual parts for your bathtub may eventually require replacing.

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Packing washers

Packing washers
Seat washers
Bonnet washers

The handles to turn on the tap for a bathtub may vary; your tub may be outfitted with two separate knobs to control the temperature and force of water that comes through. Other bathtubs may have a single fixture with only one knob to turn the water on and off, as well as set the temperature of the water.

If you are looking for a simple way to update the look and feel of the handles for your bathtub, you can find a plethora of handle types at your local plumbing or hardware store.

Handles are relatively inexpensive depending on their materials. If you end up having to replace the handles, you can choose from clear snap on faucet handles to lever style handles in a mirror polish. You can enjoy a lot of freedom with the aesthetics of a set of handles, which is sold singly or in a pair.

There are also handle kits available for purchase at retailers, so you have all the parts necessary to install a new set of handles, depending on the style of your toilet and tap.

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Common Bathtub Parts That Break Or May Need Replacement

If your bathtub has a separate hot and cold valve, the equipment underneath is similar to washer-type faucets. Depending on the age of a bathtub, and the frequency of its use and cleaning, the valve may eventually need replacing.

Stem-type valves are usually in older bathtub models which have a separate faucet handle for hot and cold.If the valve assembly was not installed correctly in your bathtub, you might be leaking money and contributing to water waste. If the rubber washers and gaskets within a valve assembly are in a deteriorated condition or have become loose, they are often the culprit behind most leaks.

In case of a leak, you may want to have rubber washers or gaskets available to fit a leaky valve stem. O-rings, seals, washers, and gaskets do wear out. Sometimes the connections within a valve are not secure and can leak because of improper installation or due to old age.

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