Battery Back Up Sump Pump Installation



Battery Back-Up and Secondary Sump Pump Installation Video (Re-Cap)

Introduction ? Hello and we?d like to welcome you back to We thought that a re-cap should accompany our battery back up sump pump video so you could follow along at home or in your office.

All of our upcoming videos will have a printable recap with the tools and materials used so you can literally print it and take it to your local plumbing wholesaler or home center to get what you need.

Just as a side note Jim the Plumber featured in the video is the actual real life plumber in our Stump the Plumber section. We hope you find the video informative and please stayed tuned because we have many more to come.

For people who live in areas prone to basement flooding this piece of equipment can be a life saver. There are many units to choose from with a wide range of features and performance characteristics. Be sure to ask your plumbing professional or salesperson about their selection and each units advantages and disadvantages.

TOOLS USED ? (The tools used will be pretty much the same as the sump pump installation.)


Sawzall or reciprocating saw

Sawzall or reciprocating saw

2ft Level or Torpedo Level

2ft Level or Torpedo Level



We hope the video was helpful to you and please come back and visit us at

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