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Hello and welcome to, if you?ve been following us for awhile you?ll notice that we enjoy giving our readers unique information on some of the companies that make the products that plumbers use. Call it our Manufacturer?s Spotlight. So for those of you who have heard of BEECO, you know what a great product they manufacture and for those who haven?t heard of them, we hope you give them a tryout. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Paul Lacourciere, Vice President of BEECO International, LLC for the info and pictures.

BEECO has designed and manufactured quality backflow preventer products since the 1940s. BEECO is proud to announce the development and launching of their new modern maintenance friendly Line of backflow preventers the redesigned FDC and FRP series offer ease, of access, minimal spare parts and quick easy replacement of checks. Valves «? thru 4? are ASSE approved and in stock in our Chicago Location.

Tired of scraped knuckles removing four to six screws from the access cover well BEECO?s design ÿhas a simple screw on cover. No more lost bolts in the bottom of ÿthe pit.

Are you frustrated over all the seats and seals you have to carry for each Backflow Line? Beeco?s modular design reduces the amount of spare parts needed. Beeco?s modular designed relief valve uses only four different relief valves to cover all twelve sizes from 1/2? thru 10? significantly reduce how many spare parts you have to order, purchase and inventory.
Beeco?s modular body feature allows for interchangeability and easily conversion from a Double Check to a Reduced Pressure Zone Valve by our qualified backflow technicians at our Chicago Manufacturing Facility in minutes. This gives you confidence that we can respond to your changing needs rapidly. Beeco?s ÿmodular design is so quick and easy to convert from a double check to a reduced pressure zone device should you need one converted we will convert it at no labor cost to you.

Speed and Safety are important when repairing a large Backflow Device. Beeco?s access lid is held on with a simple pipe coupling that is not under pressure like some competitor?s models. Loosen two bolts and you are quickly inside the valve instead of struggling with the 6-8 bolts that others have. ÿOthers have their valves under pressure from the check spring BEECO does not. At $1 per minute labor cost you could easily save $5 to $10 with the ease of disassembly and reassembly of our checks.

Is the device you are purchasing designed to eliminate all hazards in the vertical up position? Recent discoveries reported to ASSE ÿhave uncovered a flaw in many designs that
allow trapped contaminants to pool below the relief valve when in the vertical up position. We have designed our relief valve at the bottom of the relief valve chamber whether it is in the vertical or horizontal position. ÿBe sure to check the latest listings for vertical up as many current devices listed and sold could be delisted by ASSE in the vertical up position. Don?t be kept awake at night wondering if the device you just purchased is designed to remove all the contaminated water in a backflow condition our device has been designed to take that worry away.

Beeco also carries a complete line of Automatic Control Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Gate Valves, Strainers, Ball Valves, Gauges, and much more. See our web site at

Paul Lacourciere
V.P. Beeco International LLC.
1321 W. 119th St.
Chicago, IL 60643
Tel 773 341 3009
Cell 978-852-3808
Fax 773 341 3049

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