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What Is a Low Flow Toilet?

When it comes to choosing a new toilet for your bathroom general aesthetics are certainly important but it?s not all about looks. There are many factors including height and function, technology, brand loyalty and most importantly performance that can influence your purchase

The good news is that we?ve compiled some of the best low flow toilets and power flush toilets of the year right here so you can stress less about finding the right toilet for your bathroom.ÿ

In the past, the low flush toilets had problems with clogging and poor flush performance, but the newer models have fixed those issues. We have organized this list by price, from the lowest to the highest one.

As the name implies, a low flow toilet uses technology that allows homemakers to save on water with every flush.

To get guided in purchasing your new ultra low flow toilet or a replacement unit, read through our low flow toilet reviews.

In terms of low flush toilets, the Niagara Stealth sounds cool and finishes the job without clogging or other issues. You only use 0.8 gallons per flush, and the toilet uses the least amount of water of the toilets on this list.

Meanwhile, the pressure assisted flush maintains a silent flush compared to the more traditional toilets or other pressure-assisted toilets available in the market today. Instead of a lever at the top of the toilet, you have a chrome button.

One of the most popular low flush toilets of 2017, this toilet saves on water without going completely to low flow. You have dual-flush, and the two buttons sit at the top of the tank to control the water volume. With one button, you will flush 1.6 gallons of waste.


Our TopÿLow Flow Toilet

Kohler achieved a name for their class five low flush toilets. This dual flushing toilet takes up less space in the bathroom than elongated toilets. Because of that, it fits in the small bathroom even easier, but just because it?s small doesn?t mean efficiency and performance will be lacking..

This Kohler low flow toilet has a two-tone lever located on the side of the tank that allows you to choose between a 1.1-gallon flush and a 1.6-gallon flush. The 1.1-gallon flush lets you save more water that can add up to thousands of gallons saved each year

Most CommonÿLow Flow Toilet Problems

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