The age-old adage says that a wise man prepares for war in times of peace. Of course, the same can be said about prevention in general. Every home should be prepared in case of emergencies and other extraordinary situations. Because it's the most precious element and the basis of life, water storage tanks play an important role in the way a person can prepare.

There are different ways to do it. Still, using water storage tanks is the most efficient one. This is due to the fact that they can contain much larger amounts safely for indefinite periods of time. With that in mind, this guide will go over the best water storage tanks in the market. It will do so by taking into account their functionality, usability, durability and special features.

Top 9 Water Storage Tanks on the Market

The main problem with items such as water storage tanks is their size. Normally, they take up a lot of storage space. This makes it difficult to find a good place for them in the house. Their size also increases shipping costs by a considerable amount. Amazingly, AutoPot's Flexi Tank does not have those problems.One can assemble and disassemble it within minutes. This makes it a truly practical product that can make things easier for its user.

AutoPot 200-Gallon Flexi Tank

Being able to hold an impressive amount of water, this product is perfect for people who need to worry about being isolated for long amounts of time. It's made with commercial grade polyethylene, making it incredibly resistant to outside elements. Additionally, this product incorporates UV inhibitors that protect it from sun damage. As if that was not enough, this tank is able to collect rainwater. Therefore, it amplifies reserves during times of need.

RTS Home Accents 600-Gallon Rainwater Harvesting Above Ground Tank

Express Water tank uses metal diaphragm expansion engineering. This tank has a much greater pressure resistance than plastic-based tanks. It is merely science: Metal's lower molecular porosity of metal helps eliminate air pressure loss, making products made with it much more resistant. Additionally, this product works by reverse osmosis, a revolutionary water purification technique. It also uses a brass cap with internal O-Ring to eliminate the possibility of air loss from vents.

Express Water RO132-TNK 4.0 gallon Reverse Osmosis RO Water Storage Tank by TANKR

Made entirely of polyethylene, these water storage tanks are durable and long-lasting. Apart from being able to store water, they can accommodate various other liquids such as agricultural chemicals, fertilizer solutions, liquid feeds and plant foods. By complying with FDA specifications, these tanks can ensure safe storage of potable water for impressively extended periods of time. However, what truly differentiates this product from others is its versatility. The manufacturer produces a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit comfortably practically anywhere.

Norwesco 45223 35 Gallon Horizontal Water Tank

Able to contain up to 550 gallons of water, this RomoTech product is perfect for industrial and residential purposes. Provided with a substantially thick wall and designed for heavy duty, it easily ranks among the most durable water storage tanks available to the public. Something that sets it apart from other similar products is the fact that it features a translucent material that allows an easy visibility of fluids. Additionally, this product features molded-in channels that facilitate the usage of saddle straps.

RomoTech Horizontal 550-Gallon Tank with Legs

High-capacity and structurally sound, this tank is among the most reliable in this guide. Made in its entirety without BPA, it's perfect for storing consumable goods of any kind. Furthermore, it features long term water purification systems and secured drinking hoses for safe water consumption. Seamless and molded as a one-piece composite, this tank is practically unbreakable and completely leakage-proof.

Sure Water 260-Gallon Emergency Water Storage Tank

Made in the USA using nothing but high-density, durable plastic, this water storage tank is as functional as it is user-friendly. BPA Free and UV resistant, they are built to protect your water from both harsh external conditions and dangerous chemicals. Evidently, this product has all the basics figured out when it comes to storing water safely. However, the most representative feature this product offers is the fact that it's stackable, allowing users to keep more than one without wasting space.

Smart Tank 50-Gallon Stackable Water Storage Tank

Not everyone needs a huge tank that can hold hundreds of gallons of water. Functioning as both a water storage tank and a water dispenser, iSpring' NSF Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank is perfect for homes and small business places. It's a modern and practical tank that is made with FDA-approved food grade materials that were specially designed for RO application. The result is a durable and strong piece of equipment that ranks among the most reliable water storage tanks available on the market.

iSpring 20-Gallon NSF Reverse Osmosis Water Storage Tank #T20M

Using a patented stainless steel water connection, this pressurized tank is able to deliver a stable and reliable stream whenever one needs it. Its internal construction is completely smooth, preventing diaphragm abrasion damage over time. However, this product's most impressive feature is, without a doubt, the fact that it can be used in combination with water heaters and other water storage tanks in order to increase their capacity.

Pro Water Parts 5-Gallon NSF RO Accumulator Storage Tank

Putting It All Together

Without a doubt, water is something you don't want to run out of. For that reason, having a water storage tank will definitely help you sleep at night. This is particularly true when your water tank is as safe and reliable as the ones included in this list. Not only are they able to hold great amounts of the precious element, but they also keep it as pure and clean as it originally was. What's your favorite water storage tank? Let us know in the comments!

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