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The Beginning of Total Immersion Plumbing Sales Training

I?d like to give a heartfelt thanks to Joe Crisara for giving his time to answer some of my questions. Please take note, Joe is extremely generous with his time and helping contractors is his life?s work so don?t be afraid to reach out to get a hold of him if you?re looking for guidance. If you follow his systems sales will improve. I hope you enjoy his unique perspective on life in the service business. So Joe ?What should we do??

TPI (The Plumbing Info) : Hello Joe, So you?ve been training sales professionals for quite some time, why did you want to make the transition from service company to service training?
Joe Crisara : ÿMy story begins the same as yours. ÿI never received the right training on how to persuade consumers to get the work done the right way. ÿAfter being fortunate enough to have some impressive mentors kick me in the rear and show me where to find the information I needed to communicate value when I presented the problems and solutions to them, on was on my way to success.
I basically saw first hand how the right information changed my life from a day-to-day battle with anxiety and struggle and the eventual transition into a state of calmness, mind-like-water, financially building wealth, I knew I found my true calling. ÿI found the thing I knew I was meant to do in my life. That is to help service contractors that struggled like I did, discover what I did and help them live the life they always imagined.
TPI : I know that your sales training has evolved over the years. What is the single biggest change you?ve made from where you started to where you are now?
Joe Crisara : I think a lot of people are like me. They first seek this information out of financial desperation. Learning how to use the laws of persuasion will work short term if you implement it for your own self-interest. To make it work long term, you must have a ?Pure Motive.? ÿYou have to make sure you are using these powerful laws to help clients first and in turn, you will also benefit financially as well. So everything we do now is customer focused. Every segment of our program is great for your clients first. ÿIn the end when your clients purchase a higher quality of workmanship, warranties and products, you succeed beyond your wildest imagination as a result.
TPI : Everyone in our industry talks ?U.S. economy? why do you think your sales system can help overcome a service company?s economic woes. Or at least minimize it?s effects?
Joe Crisara : ÿA good economy is a great service company?s worst enemy. ÿClient?s call us and place orders without any effort. This makes even the best service contractors lazy. ÿOne of most successful clients, Rick Picard from Coventry, Rhode Island who is a $6 million dollar sales person says, ?I refuse to participate in a bad economy.?
I really feel that the job situation and the economy will improve not because of the government or the state you live in. ÿWhen people and businesses get desperate enough to learn the skill of creating value and persuading others that they are the right solution, then they will find the jobs and projects that will turn our economy around. I believe anything else, will be a band-aid on our economy, I really feel that there is nothing more important in the world than what I do. ÿIt is the center of the universe. Learning how you and your company can differentiate yourself form the pack and be chosen as the solution for the people you serve. I mean this is powerful stuff that is not only work related but touches every part of our lives at home, school, work and in our community.
TPI : Most sales systems I?ve run across are in constant pursuit of the ?upsell?. How does your system eliminate that pressure for both the technician and customer while still maintaining growth for a service company and it?s technicians?
Joe Crisara : ÿI absolutely HATE that word ?upsell.? I believe that in the service business that the best service begins with the provider being willing to default to showing their best service. I also believe in offering clients options and not ultimatums. In our system there is no upselling. Instead, we show clients the possibilities when repairing or renovating their home.
When clients are honestly shown the best, mid-range and worst possibilities they are allowed to make their own choice. You will be shocked at what they choose when you show them a list from best to worst. We?ve found that the average homeowner will choose 2.73 times more solutions if all the possibilities are shown at the same time.
TPI : You talk about ?pure motive?. Can you explain in your own words why it?s so important to success in sales and why it is the cornerstone of your system?
Joe Crisara : ÿTo be successful, the increase in revenue and profit comes from those we serve. ÿIf our motive is to always ?get? something from someone, the results will be to do bad work for a high price. The key is your motivation. If your motivation is to provide ?more? for those you serve, then the results will be high-end work, longer warranties and long term relationships with our clients, employees and family. ÿSo the pure motives of a service professional is to show the possibilities of high value first, then learn how to communicate that value and finally to provide that value with our work.
TPI : I?ve written a little bit about why I think having a sales system in place is almost essential for a service orientated company. Can you give me your thoughts on it as well?
Joe Crisara: ÿWithout a system to communicate, connect and provide solutions to clients we are leaving this important task to the individual employees. That means that everyone will do it differently. It is just not fair to clients if one employee does all of this great and another sucks. No company can sustain success in the service industry unless that service is consistent. That is what a sales system provides. Comfort, consistency and sustained success.
TPI : Joe thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions regarding your Total Immersion sales training system. I know it?s been life changing for me. If there is anything else you?d like to add feel free.
Joe Crisara: I just want everyone to remember that every contractor in the world is the reason I exist as a person and as a business. They are never an interruption to me. The only person holding them back from learning more are themselves. Please reach out if you need the help. ÿMy method is to help you first BEFORE you become a client.

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