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There Can Be Quite a Difference Between Commercial Plumbing Repair and Residential Plumbing Repairs

I see plumbing contractors everywhere advertising commercial plumbing repairs or service. Why do contractors delineate between residential, industrial and commercial plumbing repair services? Isn?t all plumbing the same? This is a valid question to ask regarding plumbing but we?ll liken it to this; even though you have a fine mechanic that works on your car do you think a NASCAR or Indy team would want your mechanic to join their pit crew? A trained mechanic would absolutely know the concepts and principles behind a race car just as a residential plumbing or plumbing service contractor would know the concepts behind commercial and industrial plumbing but there are some pretty big differences as well. Here some of the most important differences between the residential plumbing and commercial industrial plumbing.

Size and Type of Materials Used:


Again there are many different concepts, materials and techniques used in commercial and industrial plumbing that we did not touch on. We hope this gives you a general idea of why plumbing can be so different, why the definition a plumbing technician can be so different when referring to commercial/industrial and residential.

Let us be clear that neither the residential plumbing tech nor the commercial/industrial plumbing tech is better or more skilled than the other but they do have a very different skill set. If you can find one that is proficient in both you?ve found one well rounded plumbing professional.

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