Best Corner Toilet: Finding the Perfect Unit for Your Space



The Best Corner Toilets

Do you feel like you have to do contortions to sit on your bathroom toilet? Perhaps you need to switch to a corner toilet for your small bathroom.

Corner toilets are what they sound like because they fit right in the corner. You can use them to save space so that you can be comfortable in the room. That way, you can do your business without stress.

Luckily, there are a few options you can choose from when toilet shopping. Here are a few toilets you can put in a corner.

The Sheffield Corner 2-Piece toilet, available from The Home Depot, features an elongated bowl, so it?s still comfortable to use. However, the triangular tank can fit in the corner to help you save space in your bathroom.

It has a special finish that makes it resistant to stains and scratches. The color can match your existing bathroom fixtures, so you don?t have to replace everything. And you can choose between two flush options.

A lighter flush uses 0.8 gallons, and a stronger flush uses 1.6 gallons of water. With the lighter flush, you can save thousands of gallons each year.

The seat height is 16 inches, and it requires 12 inches of rough-in space. Unfortunately, you?ll need to buy floor bolts and bolt covers separately.

Another great corner toilet comes from Troyt and is available on Amazon. The Compact Corner Bathroom Toilet is a two-piece toilet with a round toilet bowl. Its seat height is just under 15 inches.

This toilet complies with Watersense and ANSI, and it uses a dual flush system. You can use 0.8 or 1.6 gallons of water with each flush, which is great if you want to save water.

It?s a great toilet for small bathrooms, and it only needs 30 inches from the corner to fit. However, you will need to supply your own bolts, bolt covers, and wax rings.

How to Choose a Corner Toilet

If you don?t like the look of a corner toilet tank, consider the Kohler Veil wall-hung toilet bowl. This toilet is one piece, and it hangs right on the wall to save even more space than some other models.

Other Ways to Save Space in the Bathroom

You can use the toilet with an in-wall tank system, so it can work as well as any other toilet. And the mounting hardware isn?t visible after installation, so it looks clean and polished.

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