Our Crack at the Famous Plumbers Crack



So in the very beginning of our site we state that we wanted to be a living breathing site, anything and everything about plumbing. Well we don?t think the site would be complete without bringing you a wee bit of levity every once in awhile. So we think it?s about time we take a crack at some of the finest plumbers cracks we could find. So although we think this is a living breathing site we ask you not to breath in too deeply while reading and looking.

We?ve tried to keep almost all of these limited to some kind of plumbing situation but some were too good to pass up and let?s face it you don?t need to be a plumber to have a plumber crack.

And for plumbers crack picture #2

Crack #3 We are started to get warmed up and quite frankly, we?re not sure how these jeans ever stayed up. This guy takes phrase ?muffin top? to an entirely new level, plumber style.

Plumber Crack #4 This is a whole lotta crack, enough for things to get lost. Pencils, phones or maybe even a pipe wrench or two. It looks like the crack may start somewhere around the middle of his back. Here is a frightening thought, there is a lot that?s covered up. Think about it.

Plumber Crack #5 We?re not even sure what this is or how to respond??whatever.

As for the #6 We call him an impostor plumbers crack. Quite frankly none of us saw the humor in this body suit.

Plumbers Crack #7 O.K. you know we had to do it, there are quite a few guys that read so a crack piece wouldn?t be complete without a female version of the plumber crack.

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