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Cured in Place Pipe Lining at Marina Tower in Chicago

Rather than just post this video of cured in place pipe lining and let you watch the project we completed, we believe this one should come with an explanation as to how it was conceived and eventually completed.

Once in awhile a project comes out that cannot be done in the traditional way either because of piping locations, logistics or both. Marina Towers in Chicago was one of those jobs. If you aren?t familiar with Marina Towers (Marina City) they have an interesting bit of history. Marina City broke ground in 1959 and was completed in 1964 as a joint venture

between McHugh Construction and Brighton Construction. When completed Marina Towers were the tallest residential buildings and the tallest reinforced concrete structures in the world. They were also the first buildings in the United States to use tower cranes to erect. Marina City was also featured in several movies one of the most famous being The Hunter starring Steve McQueen. Here is a picture of the green Pontiac Grand Prix hurdling off the parking deck into the Chicago River.

The building was experiencing downspout piping leaks on most of their downspouts however, all of the downspouts were poured in the structural concrete columns in the building. As I?m sure you can imagine the cost and difficulty of replacing the piping would have been monumental. That?s where we enter the picture. Because of our expertise in not only standard plumbing but alternate methods of plumbing repair we were called in to see if we could help without traditional replacement.

As you will see in the video, we mobilized our equipment on the roof of the high rise, video inspected each downspout, hydro jetted to remove any lose debris and then re-lined each downspout line past the point of the leaks completely eliminating the initial problem and in turn removed the logistical nightmare of trying to replace piping inside structural concrete.

This is what we do; we solve problems with the most innovative technology. We give meaning to thinking outside the box. We hope you enjoy the video. Don?t think because we are a New Lenox plumbing contractor that we won?t help you nation wide, we travel. Call us to solve your plumbing issues @ 888-517-4900

Traditional Plumbing Contractors Need Not Apply

Leaks in Downspout Piping

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