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Ferguson Waterworks Revolutionizes Buying Plumbing Supplies

I?ve written several articles on how to buy plumbing supplies and materials so it?s only fitting I write an article regarding Ferguson Waterworks. When Ferguson Plumbing Supply first came to the Chicagoland area we in the plumbing industry were skeptical. We had several large local privately held plumbing supply houses in the area and dozens of smaller ones as well. So if you ever asked yourself ?do I have plumbing supply near me?? The answer would have been a resounding ?YES?.

No one in our industry believed Ferguson Enterprises could make it in Chicago?s market. With hyper competitive prices, very old and very deep credit relationships and history with the major plumbing contractors only added to our skepticism.

Before I go into how they managed to capture significant market share I think it?s only fitting we tell you a bit about Ferguson Enterprises. Ferguson Waterworks was founded in 1953 in two locations, Colmar Manor Maryland and Birmingham Alabama to service small plumbing contractors. Their 20-year expansion was pretty unique in that they let bright managers open their own branches. The entrepreneurial spirit was strong. By 1982 they had 76 locations in 11 states with $142 million in annual sales. In that same year a British company The Wolseley Group bought Ferguson. In the next decade Ferguson Plumbing Supply expanded to 13 more states bringing their total number to 200. Now Ferguson Enterprises has 1,350 locations in all 50 states and employs over 19,000 people. You get the picture right?

You don?t enjoy that kind of explosive growth by doing things the wrong way. So let?s get into why they are the plumb supply company extraordinaire. They have built their business on some sound core principles that I believe should be a part of all business? especially in the mechanical trades and they are:

I realize some of you like the belly-to-belly feel of a small family owned supply house delivering your product and that is OK but sometimes bigger is better. Ferguson Enterprises continues to prove that statement true in the markets they enter. If you haven?t already given Ferguson a shot, you won?t be disappointed.

Sean Kavanaugh

The Plumbing Info

Ferguson Enterprises Enjoys Explosive Growth

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