Free Plumbing Estimates are not Good for Business



The Anatomy of the Free Plumbing Estimate

I?ve mentioned ?free estimates? on before but just in passing. I have never broken it down to explain why it is bad for everyone?s business in every trade ( is focused on plumbing but these concepts are universal).

I think a comparison is necessary in order to put the ?free estimate? in proper context. Let?s say you aren?t feeling well, you?ve had some digestive issues ranging from an upset stomach, to heartburn to nausea. You can?t keep it under control no matter what over-the-counter drug you take, and you?ve tried them all. You?re like many of us, you avoid the doctor at all costs but you decided to cave in and make an appointment. So you go to the doctors office and you fill out the paperwork because this is a gastrointestinal specialist and you?re a new patient. You get called into the doctors office and the nurse takes your vital signs and asks you what ails you. You let her know about your stomach woes, but you also tell her that because there are other gastrointestinal specialists in the area that you?d like the doctor to check you out and give a free estimate on what he or she thinks the problems are with your gut. You add that ?times are tough? and you?re just looking for the best price to patch things up. How long long do you think it would be before you were escorted out of the doctors office?

So why is it so difficult to ?stomach? a contractor that wants to be compensated a small amount for his or his technicians time? First of all, the blame lies 100% on the contractor who gives out his time and expertise for free. The consumer is just taking what is being offered. The problem lies in the contractor not giving any value to his or her time. I know most contractors that give free estimates will say ?we have to offer free estimates just to get in the door?. This is false and misinformed, the most successful plumbing contractors around the United States DO NOT offer free estimates. We find that if you put a premium on your time, your companies time, your potential customers will realize you have a business to run and will put a value to it.

I?ll wrap this up by giving you an argument I had the pleasure of hearing from a customer several months ago. After being told the company charges a $65.00 call out fee he became rather irate and said ?why should I pay you for the opportunity to do the work in my house?? ?I mean if you had a technician going from house to house in an 8 hour day you would collect $520.00 for doing nothing? Let?s break down that argument. First of all what service company, plumbing or otherwise can make sure all of the calls are close enough to get in 8 calls per day? It?s nearly impossible. Not to mention if you have technicians going on 8 calls in one day you aren?t giving your potential customers the service they deserve. Now let?s break down the money issue, in that $520.00 per day the technician doing the work must be paid for his time, his or her time is worth something so remove that from the total. Next you have fuel consumption which we know is expensive, so take that out of the total. Now you have overhead, advertising, profit etc. which as you can now see the $520.00 doesn?t even come close to covering. Think about it this way, if a consumer got three or four free estimates for every project they did around the house 2/3rds of those contractors would walk away with nothing. They would have given away their time and expertise for free.

Again, I hope this helps contractors reevaluate how it is they interact with their potential customers and I sincerely hope this article gives some perspective to consumers on how service contractors do business.

Free Plumbing Estimates in Perspective

You?re a Plumbing Expert, Act Like One

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