High School Mixer 80’s Dance Playlist #22



The Plumbing Info Playlist #22

In order for some of you to understand the reference ?High School Mixer? I?m going to have to explain a bit. In certain areasÿof

Chicago quite a large percentage of high school age children go to private high schools and many of those schools are all boys or all girls. In an attempt to promote the private schools quite a few of them have what they call mixers. They open up the school to high school age kids in the area and its basically a dance to meet people. It starts with the girls on one side and the boys on the other. A few brave friends will start toe tapping in the middle and eventually most will pile on the dance floor and have a good time. Back in my day a wacky guy would take his tie off and place it upside down on his head and start jamming to Blister in the Sun or Melt with You and the party would start. If you had someone that snuck in a flask of booze it got really crazy. Anyway these are the tunes that got the party started where you lifted your hands in the air and waved them around like you just didn?t care. ?The roof the roof the roof is on fire we don?t need no water let the mother f**cker burn?.? I didn?t put ?Melt With You? on the list because if I hear that song again my ears will melt right off of my head.

1.) Rhythm Nation ? Janet Jackson

2.) Strike It Up ? Black Box ? Believe me I want to go where the joke takes me but I can?t.

3.) Point Of No Return ? Expose ? I?m a sucker for some synth and Expose beat it to death.

4.) Relax ? Frankie Goes To Hollywood ? This was such a rocking tune. How many of knew people who had shirtsÿÿÿ that just had ?RELAX? on them? I won?t go into the controversy regarding the song, if you want to know look it up.

5.) Tell It To My Heart ? Taylor Dayne ? I loved me some Taylor Dayne. She was a hair icon to every suburban

girl in America in the 80?s. She helped make big hair hot.

My wife mastered this hair style

6.) Axel F ? ?I?m not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe?

7.) My Prerogative ? Bobby Brown ? I can?t even tap in to the dark part of my heart to make fun of Bobby Brown. All the talent in this family and such tragedy.

9.) Blister In The Sun ? Violent Femmes

10.) Borderline ? Madonna ? I contend that Borderline, Holiday and Crazy for You are still Madonna?s best. I don?t think she thinks that but if record sales has any say I think I win.

11.) Girl You Know It?s True ? Milli Vanilli ? I?m not ashamed to admit I loved this tune. I was so hoping these cats could sing after the fall but????

12.) Personal Jesus ? Depeche Mode ? I still love this song. It was perfect for me in 1989, the year it was released; aggressive, angry and thumping.

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