How to Clean Garbage Disposal ? 7 Steps to Take



1. Remove Trapped Objects Physically from the Garbage Disposal

Cleaning a garbage disposal should always be a part of the general home cleaning exercise. However, one needs to know how to clean garbage disposal first. When you use your garbage disposal frequently without properly cleaning it, you invite unpleasant odors in your kitchen that result from the fermentation of garbage. As such, you need not worry any time you notice an unpleasant odor emanating from your garbage disposal. This is because you can get rid of it by disposing of the garbage and cleaning the system.

When you know how to clean garbage disposal, you can complete the task easily without having to pay anyone to clean it for you. The steps below will help you clean your garbage disposal and get rid of its unpleasant odor.

When you want to clean your garbage disposal, make sure to remove any particles that are trapped in it manually. To prevent the risk of getting an electric shock, switch off the fuse that provides the garbage disposal with the power it needs before reaching in the system. This will ensure that it remains off during the entire cleaning exercise. When removing any trapped objects from the garbage disposal, use either tongs or pliers and remove them slowly and carefully without interfering with the grinder.

To the people who want to know how to clean garbage disposal, this should be the first step. You can use the ordinary dish washing gel to clean the top of the disposal. When cleaning your disposal, remember to do a proper scrubbing of the visible parts of the disposal gently with the help of a scrubbing brush. A scrubbing brush is appropriate. If you don?t have one, you can use a steel wool to scrub the disposal. Pay particular attention to the joint where the garbage disposal rim comes into contact with the sink basin; this section is likely to have some food particles trapped in it.

You should consider running the kitchen faucet when cleaning the garbage disposal because it allows you to expel any food residues trapped in it. If the faucet or some other appliances have an odor, give them a long soak by filling the sink halfway with water and adding a cleaning agent into the water. You can use vinegar and the ordinary dish-washing gel.

Once your mix is ready, open the drain and simultaneously activate the garbage disposal. This will ensure that the cleaning mixture is expelled through the housing, a process that will clean all the hidden crannies and nooks of the garbage disposal. If you were still wondering how to clean garbage disposal, the immersion method should help you clean even the appliances.

There are different substances that you can use to deodorize your garbage disposal. Use a baking soda and vinegar mixture to clean the garbage disposal thoroughly by creating a solution and allowing it to sit in it for at least one hour. This is important because it eliminates the entire odor that comes from the garbage disposal by killing every bacteria that might be trapped in it. Once it is done, you can dispose the mixture and allow cold water to run through the disposal for a minute or two. The water will rinse your disposal properly and deodorize it.

Sometimes, you might realize that the odor persists even after cleaning your disposal with vinegar and citrus. This is the time to ensure that you conduct a deep cleaning. Deep cleaning will require you to order a rubber test cap that has a stainless steel clamp from your local store. This is because when the odor becomes stubborn, there is a high probability that food residues have hardened and cannot be cleared by a simple cleaning. You will also need a wrench that you will use to open the pipes that act as garbage outlet.

Using the rubber test cap, you can trap water in the pipes and ensure that any hardened food deposits that might be present in the pipe are soaked. After soaking for about an hour, you will need to allow water to pass through the pipe to clear any food deposits.

Once you have concluded a deep cleaning, you should rinse the whole disposal with warm water that is mixed with soap and eventually rinse it with cold clean water. This is important when doing the final cleaning bit because it will clear all the dirt that might be trapped in the disposal.

Although cleaning your garbage disposal might appear easy, you should know that there are steps that you can take to prevent the disposal system from ever developing unpleasant odors. One of the steps that you can take to avoid an odor is to refrain from running any fibrous and starchy or celery food remains through the disposal. Another way that you can use to prevent your disposal from being smelly is avoiding the accumulation of food residue in the disposal. To do this, make sure that the disposal runs for at least five seconds more to help get rid of food particles that might be trapped in it.

2. Ensure that You Clean the Area of the Garbage Disposal that Is Visible

Cleaning your garbage disposal can be unpleasant some times. However, by following a few simple steps, you can get rid of the odor that often comes from the disposal due to the trapped food particles in it.

3. Immerse the Housing

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