How to Fix Garbage Disposal ? 4 Simple Steps



Jammed Garbage Disposal ?ÿHumming Noise


A garbage disposal is a relatively simple piece of equipment. However, when you see nothing but a black hole in your drain, the problem seems massive. Here are the basics of a garbage disposal and how to fix most problems that occur.

Occasionally, discarded food pieces are thrown into the disposal that are not easily shredded. A few common foodstuffs include:

This can result in a jam or clog within the system. There are other reasons why a disposal may stop working. Nonetheless, this is the major reason why you need to know how to fix garbage disposal issues.

If you turn on your garbage disposal and it hums instead of the normal grinding sound, your disposal is probably jammed. There is an easy method for how to fix garbage disposal problem of this nature. Follow these simple steps:

If something other than food has accidentally made its way into the garbage disposal, the breaker may have been tripped as a safety measure. Some of these obstructions may include:

Apple cores.

Apple cores.
Potato peelings.
Uncooked pasta.
Small bones.

Fish aquarium rocks.

Pieces of glass.

Fish aquarium rocks.
Pieces of glass.
Rings or other types of jewelry.

How to fix garbage disposal that is completely silent could be as simple as checking the breakers. There is also a little red reset button on the bottom of the unit. Press the reset button first.

If there is still no power, check the breaker of the unit. It is usually the same breaker that serves the dishwasher. If neither one of these solutions works, whatever forced the unit to shut down could still be in there. Follow the above procedure to make sure that the teeth are moving easily. If the teeth are jammed, a tiny hard object may be lodged in the edge of the disposal preventing any type of movement. Follow these steps:

If there is still no type of noise, the garbage disposal may have overheated and burned up. In this case, following how to fix garbage disposal steps will be in vein. You will have no other choice but to purchase a new unit and replace the old one.

Having a clogged garbage disposal can be the result of pouring grease down the unit. When grease cools, it solidifies. This can be the result of not flushing enough water through the unit. Even then, the grease may solidify in the pipe that leads to the drain. Taking care of the piping system is also part of knowing how to clean a kitchen sink.

Use a plunger to try and break up the clog and rinse with hot water. If this does not work, use a snake through the drain that is not connected to the garbage disposal.

Tripped Breaker ?ÿNo Noise

If there is a puddle of water directly beneath your garbage disposal, do not panic. By using a simple tool, you can learn how to fix garbage disposal problems from leaking. The bolt that holds the unit in place will sometimes loosen from extended use, causing leaking to occur. Follow these easy steps:

Clogged Garbage Disposal ?ÿStanding Water in Sink

As long as all of the connections are tight and in good working order, the leaks should cease. Keep your garbage disposal in good working order by following these tips:

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