How to Install A Toilet Flange



Step By Step On How To Install A Toilet Flange

Replacing a toilet flange can be intimidating the first time. But generally remains one of the simplest home repairs on how to install a toilet flange. Over time, the wax ring that connects the flange to the bottom of the toilet may become compromised. A new ring and flange are essential to securing a proper seal.

The easiest way to tell if you need to replace the flange is to see if your toilet leaks water between the base and the floor of the bathroom when you flush it. While this leak can come from cracks in the porcelain toilet or other piping, it is most likely an issue with the flange.

We?ll be walking through how to install a toilet flange, step by step. For this repair, you?ll need a new toilet flange, a wax ring, and tools to unscrew your toilet and flange from the floor. We also highly recommend gloves for this specific procedure, as to reduce the risk of infection and out of personal sanitation needs.

A gas mask may be required for those particularly sensitive to sewage odors, so take necessary precaution if you find yourself worried about the smell. Chances are, the stench will be worse than you initially realize.

Before we remove the old flange, we?ll need to get the toilet out of the way.

To do this, first, disconnect the water line from the toilet. This is usually found on the underside of the tank, either on the left or the right side. You will need to both disconnect the water supply by closing the valve, and then disconnect the hose from the toilet entirely.

Be careful as you do this?since water in the tank can easily pour out of the open water supply in some models. To be safe, turn off the water, then flush the toilet until no water remains in the tank. Then, remove the water supply from the underside of the tank.

Next, remove the caps on the left and right side of the bowl. And carefully unscrew the toilet from the ground. Remove the tank lid before removing the toilet. As this can easily slip when removing from the ground.

Remember that some residual water may remain in the bowl, even after flushing the water from the tank. Try to remove this water with a wet & dry vacuum. Next, remove the toilet and place it out of the way, using a friend to assist you if possible.

Next, use a dull knife or putty knife to start removing the wax from the old flange. Even though we?ll be replacing the flange entirely, getting the old wax removed from every crevice of the sewage opening is important to ensure a proper seal.

Removing The Old Flange

Remember also to check the underside of the toilet for excess wax. Both the porcelain surface and the sewage opening need to be as clean as possible for the new flange.

Finally, unscrew the flange from the sewage opening, and remove any wax that remained underneath the flange. Then, clean the floor underneath the toilet to remove any discolorationÿdifferences between the floor underneath the toilet and outside of it.

Installing The New Flange

When learning how to install a toilet flange Installing the new flange is essentially performing the same process in reverse; it will take a bit of extra work to make sure everything remains in the proper location.

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