How to Install a Toilet in 10 Simple Steps



Should You Install Your Own Toilet?

Are you doing a bathroom renovation project? Do you need to replace or install a toilet? Well, you have come to the right place. Below we have put together a simple, step-by-step guide to walk you through learning how to install a toilet. The guide below is ideal for both beginners and experts alike. We will be discussing the supplies you need for the job and give you some additional, helpful tips along the way. Keep reading to learn more.

You may be looking at your bathroom renovation project and thinking that learning how to install a toilet is way too difficult. Believe it or not, installing your own toilet is a lot easier than you would think. Many people make the mistake of calling in a repairman and paying hundreds of dollars out of pocket for something that can be done yourself in as little as an hour.All it takes is a little diligence, understanding, and patience and you?ll be able to save yourself a lot of money on installation costs. Take a look at our ten steps below and see how easy it is. If you have ever paid for someone to install a toilet before you?ll be kicking yourself after reading our guide below.

Below you will find our step-by-step guide on learning how to install a toilet, yourself, at home. We will walk you through ten easy steps that will save you time and money. Keep reading below if you want to learn how.

Before you learn how to install a toilet, you will want to gather your supplies. Take a look at our tool and material list above and gather the needed supplies. After all, this is not a time-consuming project, so many of these steps will move quickly and it?s ideal, for time?s sake, to have everything you will need nearby.

The first step to learning how to install a toilet is to replace the closet bolts. Start by taking your new closet bolts and slide them into the flange slots. Make sure you tighten the washers for perfect alignment when installing your toilet.

Grab your towel and place your toilet bowl upside-down on the top of it. Next, you will want to grab your wax ring and press it onto the toilet outlet. If you have trouble getting the ring to stretch over the outlet, you can run the wax ring under warm water for a minute or so to soften and stretch the material.

Work gloves

Work gloves
Putty knife
Safety glasses
Measuring tape


Closet bolts

Closet bolts
Toilet shims
Wax ring
Bag for waste
Water solidifier
Flange repair kit

The next step to learning how to install a toilet is to set the toilet into place. To do this correctly, you will want to carefully put the toilet bowl over the closet bolts you installed and press down firmly. We do not recommend rocking to jiggle the toilet into place. Make sure you use firm and even pressure to ensure it is square with the wall and flush to the floor.

For this part in your renovation project, you will want to secure the toilet to the floor. To do this, you will be adding cap bases, washers, and nuts to your newly installed closet bolts. Tighten the nuts just enough to be firm but not too tight, as over-tightening can crack the toilet?s base. If you?d like, you can use a hacksaw to cut off the bolts sticking up so you can snap on the caps.


1. Rocking Toilet

Make sure when installing cap bases that you place them the right way up. It is very easy to install them upside-down, especially if you are working in a bathroom that hasn?t had lighting installed yet.

Supplies You Need to Install a Toilet

Next, you will want to prepare your tank for the toilet installation by flipping over the tank and adding bolts to hold the bowl in place. These will be able to easily slip into the pre-made slots on the toilet tank. After that is in place, you will add your rubber gasket at the base.

After your gasket is installed, you can set the tank on your toilet bowl. Put your tank in place and tighten the nuts as gently yet firmly as you can without cracking the bowl. Ensure everything is flush before moving onto the next steps.

How to Install a Toilet in 10 Steps

You are almost done learning how to install a toilet. All you need to do for this step is to hook up the water supply and then turn the water back on. Make sure you turn the water on slowly in case there are any unfortunate leaks.

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