How to Plumb a Bathroom in 8 Essential Steps



1. Establish Where You Want the Bathroom Fixtures to be Positioned

Few things compare to the excitement of getting a new bathroom complete with the layout and fixtures that you want, whether it?s adding a new bathroom in the basement for added convenience or finally granting your spouse?s wish to add a bathroom in the master bedroom. However, to do so requires installing new pipes in your bathroom.

To plumb a bathroom does not always require a professional plumber. In fact, you can plumb your bathroom yourself using the following eight essential steps on how to plumb a bathroom.

Carefully measure all cut outpoints and drill points, and then mark these points so that you know where to cut and drill.

Next, complete all the cutting and drilling where indicated in order to prep the floor for installation.

Locate the bathroom water valves and then shut them off. This will enable you to perform your plumbing work in dry conditions.

There will need to be a total of 5 water lines installed in a standard bathroom, which includes a cold water line for the toilet and a cold and hot water line for the sink, the bathtub, and the shower. You will also need to use flexible lines from the cold and hot water lines to the bathtub and sink faucets.

The water lines are usually installed under the floor; however, they can also be run through the walls, depending on your needs.

Once the water lines are properly installed, if you are using copper pipes as opposed to tubing, smooth the pipes, using sandpaper, and then connect the pipes by soldering them to the main water lines.

You will need a 1 1/2-inch drain line for the sink. For the toilet, you will need between a 3 to 4-inch line, and for the bathtub, you will need a 2-inch drain line.

When installing the pipe to the toilet drain, be sure it is aiming downward toward the main drain line.

Attach the flat rim of the nearest waste pipe to your bowl. Use an adhesive to hold the rim of the pipe in place so that the slot lines align with the bolt slots on the toilet.

2. Cut Openings in the Floor

Next, align the toilet over the bolts and the rim of the water pipes. To ensure the toilet is position correctly, simply sit on the toilet and then maneuver it to and fro.

Once the bowl is in place, secure the bolts and the washers.

3. Shut off the Water to the Bathroom

Lastly, using nuts, attach the toilet?s tank to the bowl. Attach the water line, and then caulk around the base of the bowl to secure the toilet.

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