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Iron and Drinking Water

One of the biggest complaints around the country with regards to drinking water is iron. Billions of dollars are spent buying bottled water bought in either individual servings from the grocery store or from a service like Hinckley and Shmitt and a significant reason for this is the iron taste.

The iron present in drinking water in many areas throughout the country is not harmful to drink for humans or animals but it is quite harmful for the plumbing pipes and plumbing equipment in your home. Without treatment of some kind high iron content in your local water supply can :

Another common problem with drinking water is a rotten egg smell. This is dissolved hydrogen sulfide, it?s more common name is ?sulfur?. Hydrogen sulfides can enter into the water system through wells or cisterns from decaying and decomposing plant material. Below are a few of the problems common to high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide:

High concentrations of sulfides can cause similar problems to that of high iron concentrations.

The last fairly common component present in our drinking water that can foul our plumbing fixtures and appliances is Manganese. Manganese if dissolved usually presents no real issues however in high enough concentrations and throw in a little oxygen and the Manganese can pose a real problem. Here are some of the common problems listed below:

Well there are quite a few options actually.
You can buy a whole house filter, however if you have a high level of iron in your water you?ll clog the filters so quickly it wouldn?t be cost effective. (Most canister water filters negatively affect the water pressure as the filter gets fouled. So you must change the filter cartridge just to get your water back to neutral.)

Stain clothing

Stain clothing

Stain plumbing fixtures

Stain plumbing fixtures

So if you have a high iron content in your drinking water most times you add an iron tank to get rid of that iron en masse. If you have a water softener the iron tank would be installed before the softener. Simple right?

Lets say it right here, ground water that has iron usually picks up other impurities along the way as well. What happens if your water has hydrogen sulfides (sulfur)? Once again a sulfur tank would have to be installed. Sulfur scrubbers are usually two tank systems. And then you have Manganese, Manganese is usually filtered with a whole house taste, smell and sediment filter, however if there is a high level, even that will not be affective.

So if you had all three of these minerals present in your drinking water you could potentially have a water softener, and iron tank, two tanks for the sulfur and a whole house filter for anything you?ve missed. That seems excessive don?t you think?

Yep, what if we told you that a company had come up with one innovative product with one tank, to solve all of the problems above? Freije Treatment Systems is introducing Iron Shield a one tank system that separates all of those minerals leaving behind clean better tasting drinking water for you and your family. Here is a sneak peak at the propaganda from Freije before they are releasing it to the public, so it is a exclusive.

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