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Mancertified Podcast ? The Plumbing Info Playlist #17


So I?m gonna be a bit lazy this week. On our weekly Mantastic Podcast my co-hosts Allen Wilterdink, John Georellis and special guest Ted Sundquist threw down the gauntlet. We started talking smack about music and playlists and decided to add a favorite playlist to our podcast that you can listen to here . It will become abundantly clear who has the best taste in music. Allen and John made so many playlist faux pas it almost renders them inadmissible in the court of Playlist law. I hope you enjoy mine. The songs come from a mix of bands I?d love to see performing at Lollapalooza and Riot Fest. I?m just not willing to fight the crowds of unwashed.


1.)ÿ Fans ? Kings of Leon

2.)ÿ Coming of Age ? Foster the People ? I absolutely could not make myself put ?Pump Up the Kicks? on the list.

3.)ÿ The High Road ? Broken Bells ? If you like The Shins you?ll like Broken Bells seeing as this is James Mercer?s (Lead singer of The Shins) side project with Danger Mouse.

4.)ÿ The Way We Get By ? Spoon ? The band Spoon has been around for 21 years so if you haven?t discovered them yet, you have an awesome back catalog to choose from. This is a great start.

One of the finest Alt Record of All Time

5.)ÿ Come A Little Closer ? Cage the Elephant ? Seriously, a great band in the making. These dudes rock.

6.)ÿ Mind Over Matter ? Young the Giant ? I know I?ve used this song in another playlist, which is a serious playlist infraction, but the other knobs doing playlists use the same group for consecutive songs. I?m giving an example of music being played at two music fests.

8.)ÿ The Kids Aren?t Alright ? The Offspring ? They?re back.

9.)ÿ Mr. November ? The National ? Not the best National song but it reminds me of football and football is here. YESSSSS

10.) She Don?t Use Jelly ? The Flaming Lips ? I wanted to use a Song from Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots because it is an alternative

classic but I went with a more radio friendly song.

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