New Hipster Playlist From The Plumbing Info #16



New Hipster Playlist ? The Plumbing Info Playlist #16

I scour magazines and other playlists to find the best new music. It?s mostly alternative but at least I pick the best. Well at least I

think so and hope you like it as well. This is the new stuff that jumps out at you from the first listen. I love challenging music but if you like alternative rock this shouldn?t be tough to dig from the beginning. Have a great weekend and don?t forget you can hear me on two podcasts every week the first you can find here and the other is here

1.)ÿ Juble ? Klingande ? Mostly instrumental and mostly pretty cool.

2.)ÿ On Our Way ? The Royal Concept

3.)ÿ Lazaretto ? Jack White ? White is a bit of a rock diva but he is so talented. My wife and I listened to White Blood Cells until it broke.

4.)ÿ The City? The 1975 ? I would be interested to know the genesis behind the name of this band because it certainly has nothing to do with their sound. Check this band out; this is not their only good tune.

5.)ÿ Heart?s On Fire ? Passenger ? Singer songwriter greatness.

6.)ÿ Mind Over Matter ? Young the Giant ? I?ve been waiting for a new super group to emerge for the last 15 years and none

The next big band?

seem to want it. Cold Play, Kings of Leon, The Killers, maybe Young the Giant or Imagine Dragons can grab the mantle. I?ve been listing for a while now and their sound has morphed to become much more mainstream.

7.)ÿ Waves ? Sleeper Agent

9.)ÿ Locked In A Cage ? Brick + Mortar ? If you listen to alternative radio this one is probably familiar to you. It?s a jam.

10.) Red Eyes ? The War On Drugs ? I?ve got to give a shout out to my pal Lynette McCarthy for turning me on to this band. Good stuff.

11.) Riptide ? Vance Joy

12.) Hurricane ? MS MR ? Another pretty rockin? tune.

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