If NFL Cheerleaders Became Plumbers?



With the NFLÿ lockout in full swing we present a magical fantasy.ÿ Here is a hypothetical scenario where cheerleaders become plumbers, because plumbing, flexibility and hotness go hand in hand.

Melanie is self employed and runs her own buisness out of Seattle with her girls.

These girls in Miami specialize in taking care of problems with your pool and hot tub problems in the hot and beautiful Miami.ÿ They are called the Starbrites.

These ladies mess around in Detroit and dabble in sewage problems and clogs.ÿ They were never really cheerleaders as Detroit hasn?t had cheerleaders since 1934.ÿ So these women drive around and take care of any clogs like plumbing vigilantes.ÿ The Detroit Pride were never really cheerleaders to begin with.

The cheerleaders for the Dallas Cowboys brought their goods for their new plumbing jobs.ÿ And by goods I mean pom poms.ÿ Pom poms.

This would all be pretty fantastic but in reality we see this guy more then we see the girl on the right.ÿ But in the end all you want is you want is your plumbing to be fixed.ÿ Because really, do you think you have a chance with those girls?

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