Nine Steps to Bookkeeping For Plumbing Contractors



Step #1 Sort Paper Into Manageable Piles

**Editors Note. For all of you reading this I know in my heart that there are some of you exactly like this contractor. I was never exposed to a company like Randal?s while in business but I probably would have acted the same way Bruno did. It?s a control thing and it?s stupid. We aren?t any less macho or accomplished if we let that which we know very little be completed correctly by someone who does. I think of how many times I let my pride get in the way and although I didn?t keep track of the outcome I?d venture to say it was almost never good. If there is one thing I would advise you of is don?t let your accounting be done by an unaccomplished bookkeeper? Just pay Randal or someone like him (We know you?re one of a kind, I?m just saying) to do things the right way every time. The subcontracting business is too tough and you need allies, if for no other reason than to tell you it?s time to get out before you lose everything. Believe me I know from experience, hind sight gives you a certain wisdom.


Plumbing Contractors Bookkeeping Services ? Is something every bookkeeper needs to first understand before they can learn it. Hundreds of contractors and their in-house bookkeepers have told us how easy QuickBooks can get messed up and it is so true!

Operating A Backhoeÿ? Isÿeasy too!ÿSeveral years ago in a failed effort to ?save time and money by doing-it-myself? I rented a

backhoe to save time and money. Instead of saving time and money, I got an expensive lesson on just how easy itÿisÿtoÿfind underground utilities and bring them to the surface with the greatest of ease like the daring young man flying man on theÿtrapeze. It was very entertaining and extremely costly!

We Were Contacted By ? A contractor Bruno Brickman* about taking over the day-to-day bookkeeping chores from his wife because she threatened to leave him and file for divorce. Bruno asked for lots of information that his wife had no idea or any desire to learn how to get it for him.

Lucy?s Payroll Cost With Taxes And Overhead Per Month $1,095.73

Lucy?s Payroll Cost With Taxes And Overhead Per Month $1,095.73
MonthlyÿMistakes, Bounced Check Fees, Late Fees And Penalties $500.00
Randal?s Time To Tutor Lucy On Construction Bookkeeping $1,000.00
Lucy?s Time On Payroll To Be Tutored $168.60

We Spent Time Reviewing ? Bruno?s QuickBooks file and interviewing him to understand exactly what he wanted before proposing the following solution:

Bruno Chocked And Gagged ? Almost fainted and used a few choice words. He was upset over the idea of having to pay anything since his wife was working for FREE! How dare we expect so much money for pushing a few buttons on a keyboard?

These don?t go away by themselves

After A Short While Bruno Calmed Down ? And we suggested perhaps he needed an interim step before transitioning to an outsourced contractors accounting service. We provided him with two documents. A Guide To Hiring An In-House Bookkeeper and a Guide To Hiring A Contractor Bookkeeping Service.

Bruno Let Happy ? Armed with the two guides he was a man on a mission to get his contractor bookkeeping services done for a lot less than $400 a week! He immediately put an ad on Craigslist and the local newspaper and was flooded with responses.

(*Lucy Bad-Bookkeeper and Bruno Brickman are not their real names)

Step #2 Simple Data Entry

Bruno Wanted Accurate And Timely ? QuickBooks financial reports and Job Costing Reports in order to operate and grow his construction company. Bruno offered Lucy $15.00 an hour for 10 hours a week and since Lucy was desperate for a job afterÿher previous construction company employer filed bankruptcy, she accepted the offer with the hidden agenda that all contractors including Plumbing And Mechanical Contractors were evil and she would get evenÿwith all of them if it was the last thing she ever did!

We Offered One Hour At No Charge ? To help whomever Bruno hired to get some questions answered if they felt they need it. Bruno insisted Lucyÿcontact us to get some free training. Lucy and I spent an hour on the phone and I shared a quick overview of what I call the Nine Steps to effective and efficient contractor bookkeeping principles at no charge.

Step #3ÿPayroll AndÿTax Reporting

A Few Weeks After Our Phone Conversation ? I stopped by to see how everything was going for Lucy and Bruno. We reviewed the Nine Steps to determine howÿwell she was using what she had learned.

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