Benefits Of A Vertical Bathtub

Starting in the United Kingdom and making its...

5 Effective Ways to Fix an Air Lock in Pipes

When an air lock occurs in your plumbing system, it can be frustrating to break it apart. It can cause jams and clogs that cause overflows and other serious problems. Thankfully, it is possible to deal with this issue in a quick and efficient manner.

How To Plumb a Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink can make a bathroom look more open and stylish. No matter your reason for installing a pedestal sink, we’ve got you covered.

Green Plumbing – Shower Head Test Eco-Style

Green Plumbing - Shower Head Test I know,...


Sloan Flushmate Offers Superior Technology To Help Conserve Water

Sloan Flushmate Offers Superior Technology To Help Conserve Water

Sloan Flushmate Toilets Are The Smart Option For Water Conservation Having a Sloan flushmate toilet system featured in a home or in a commercial building is the smartest step that can be taken to help conserve water. A flushmate system is a pressure-assist system that...


Geospring Water Heater Review

Geospring Water Heater Review

featured image source: amazon.com Did you know the costs associated with heating water take up nearly 20% of most homeowner's energy budgets? Selecting the right water heater for your home is a decision that requires you to consider energy efficiency and cost, among a...

PVC vs. CPVC: Which Is Superior?

PVC vs. CPVC: Which Is Superior?

From Legos and eyeglass lenses to shampoo bottles and bullet-proof vests, thermoplastics are everywhere. Due to being a more cost-effective, noncorrosive option, chances are good that thermoplastics in the form of PVC and CPVC are what make up the pipes in your home...


What Is a Water Pressure Pump: How to Easily Install It at Home

Low water pressure is an issue that plagues many homeowners. It can affect old and new houses and can be difficult to remedy. The good news is, you don’t have to put up with it. Installing a water pressure pump can significantly improve your troubles. This article...

How to Find Proper Emergency Plumbing: Top Tips and Resources

No matter when they happen, plumbing problems are always terrible to have. However, things can get extra ugly when they happen in the middle of the night, during the weekend or holidays. Emergency plumbing services aren't only more expensive but also much harder to...

Who is Responsible for Plumbing Repairs in a Rental Property?

Whether you are a tenant who has just rented out a property, or you are a landlord renting out your home for the first time, you may be unsure about who is responsible for plumbing repairs should they occur. A plumbing issue could happen at any time, and it’s...

5 Great Alternatives for Your Kitchen Work Top

Some of the materials you choose in your kitchen will be vital to its performance, and none more so than your kitchen work top. Some work surfaces are good and some are bad, but they all have a different bundle of qualities.. In this article we will look at some of...


Frost Proof Hose Bib And Spigot

Frost Proof Hose Bib And Spigot

[productspage] The Hose Bib and Its Aliases Almost every house has one but you may call it by another name. Sillcock, spigot, outdoor faucet, hydrant or hose bib are all different names for the same thing. Quite often these faucets fail from improper use or improper...


Tips on Finding the Right Plumber

Tips on Finding the Right Plumber

Finding the Right Plumber is Based on Earned Trust We’ve found out over the years that there seems to be an inherent mistrust of plumbing contractors nationwide so finding the right plumber can be stressful. Maybe it’s because the industry hasn’t done a good enough...

Pipe Pitch and Sewer Backups

Pipe Pitch and Sewer Backups

What Effect does the pipe pitch of drain lines in a home or commercial building have with regards to a possible backup? Pipe pitch maybe one of the most important concepts in plumbing. It's where the phrase "shit goes down and stink goes up" originates from. Waste...

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