Benefits Of A Vertical Bathtub

Starting in the United Kingdom and making its...

5 Effective Ways to Fix an Air Lock in Pipes

When an air lock occurs in your plumbing system, it can be frustrating to break it apart. It can cause jams and clogs that cause overflows and other serious problems. Thankfully, it is possible to deal with this issue in a quick and efficient manner.

How To Plumb a Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink can make a bathroom look more open and stylish. No matter your reason for installing a pedestal sink, we’ve got you covered.

Green Plumbing – Shower Head Test Eco-Style

Green Plumbing - Shower Head Test I know,...


Using High-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures to Save Water & Money

Using High-Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures to Save Water & Money

How Many Gallons of Water Do You Use Per Day? Did you know that the average American uses 100 gallons of water per day? In many parts of the country, where we have often experienced water rationing, we all know how precious water can be. One way that you can reduce...

Tank Type Toilets Go Hands Free with Sloan's Intelli-Flush

Tank Type Toilets Go Hands Free with Sloan's Intelli-Flush

Sloan Flushmate Toilets Go Hands Free The Sloan Flushmate has been blowing people away with its performance from the minute it was introduced in the early 90s. It was “the” toilet to buy in the dark days of 1.6GPM toilets. Using a Sloan Flushmate equipped toilet...


How to Get Plumbing License: Schooling, Apprenticeship, and More

How to Get Plumbing License: Schooling, Apprenticeship, and More

Plumbing can be an amazingly rewarding career. Just to start with, it’s quite profitable. But it also offers up a chance to help people. It’s a rare job where one can make the world a better place while earning a good wage. However, it’s also not the easiest career...

The Vital Card – Help Your Customers Pay For Service

The Vital Card – Help Your Customers Pay For Service

  I do not typically go to bat for products like this, especially financial ones. However, when I come across a product I love that is beautiful in its simplicity and implementation I feel like I have to tell people about it. To me, it's no different than telling...


Stainless Steel, 5 Reasons It Is Perfect for Your Kitchen

When most people think about kitchens, the first things that spring to mind are wooden cabinets and furniture; and who can blame them with the amount out there. However, perhaps they should be thinking about a different material. Stainless steel is, in my opinion, an...

DIY Projects Gone Terribly Wrong – Was It Really Worth It?

Nothing lasts forever, that’s a sad fact of life. Some things are built to be durable but even those have an expected lifespan and will one day wear out or break down. If you are a homeowner looking to save money with a DIY project on a major repair, it would really...

Plumbing Sales System : Q & A with Joe Crisara

I'd like to give a heartfelt thanks to Joe Crisara for giving his time to answer some of my questions. Please take note, Joe is extremely generous with his time and helping contractors is his life's work so don't be afraid to reach out to get a hold of him if you're...

How to Become A Plumber

Do You Have What It Takes to Become a Plumber? Most of the states in the country are short of experienced and licensed plumbers. This is mainly due to the perception of the youngsters that plumbing is for those who have a strong physical body and has nothing to do...


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What is a Plumbing Service?

What is a Plumbing Service?

It's sort of surprising that we've never defined the term before so here it goes. Wait.......before we go on, please don't say sprinkler fitting should be plumbers work or refrigeration piping is plumbers work, etc. most piping trades have quite a bit of skill set...

Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing Fixtures

There are a confusing number of plumbing fixtures on the market today. What defines a plumbing fixture? What are the different types and how do residential fixtures differ from commercial fixtures? A plumbing fixture is device or vessel that is permanently or...

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