The Plumbing Info Playlist #11

The Plumbing Info Playlist
They call him Jab Jab Jab Jabberjaw.

The Plumbing Info Playlist #11

My mom hands me my blue Jabber Jaw lunch box and my sack of books (I try to put the word “sack” anywhere I can) and I’m out the door

The Plumbing Info Playlist
They call him Jab Jab Jab Jabberjaw.

headed down to the corner mailbox to wait for my two friends Mary Chinski and Jenny Myers. Yes we actually walked to school. On the way we often debated about whether REO was better than Foreigner or about what 45 we were going to buy at the local record shop. I actually bought the Chariots of Fire single, which brought out a round of serious kids ball breaking. That single won’t hit this list but quite a few good ones will. These are the tunes I grew up with; they defined my early adolescence as only music can. Some you may love, some you may hate but you decide.


Plastic Lunch Box 80’s Pop Playlist #11

1.)  The Boys of Summer – Don Henley – Although this song was released in 1984 it was still getting heavy summer rotation in our high school days. I think we cut the top off of my buddy’s Nissan Sentry with a sawzall just to feel what it was like to drive with the top down.

2.)  Your Love – The Outfield – I think we wore at least one cassette of Outfield’s “Play Deep”. This was such a great album. I still play it from time to time.

3.)  Take Me Home Tonight – Eddie Money – Who doesn’t remember this seminal video featuring a very hot Ronnie Spector.

4.)  I Want to Know What Love is – Foreigner – I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a power ballad. Not an Air Supply power ballad but this one for sure and I loved the album name too “Agent Provocateur”. That is so distinctly 80’s. How many proms do you think had this song as their theme?

5.)  Alone – Heart – I loved Heart back in the 80’s.  I wish I could do that little Taylor Swift finger heart symbol for this piece just to show you how much I loved them.

6.)  Down Under – Men At Work – I wish to commend Men at Work for introducing the US to the Vegemite sandwich. You made many an

The Plumbing Info Playlist and Men at Work
I come from a land down under

American crazy, remember no Google. God bless you Google.

7.)  Broken Wings – Mr. Mister – I always picture Jimmy Two Times saying this bands name. “I’m gonna go see Mr. Mister and go get the papers the papers”.

8.)  Sister Christian – Night Ranger – I happen to really like Night Ranger in fact I’ve seen them twice at local festivals. I’ll admit their “Greatest Hits” album is a bit of a stretch. My brother-in-law says Night Ranger is the only band that starts and ends their show with the same song.

9.)  Africa – Toto – I was so tempted to put Rosanna in here but I decided to keep you guessing. I mean this has to be the only song in history that makes you think going to Africa might be a good idea.

10.) We Belong – Pat Benatar – I’ve got nothing, great tune and she’ll be performing in my home town this summer.

11.) True – Spandau Ballet – There is no way a group named Spandau Ballet gets even a single song released on any label right now.

12.) Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield – I mean this guy was one of the first triple….wait double threats. I mean you come home from school to flip on General Hospital and you see good ole Doctor Rick and then you flip on the radio and there he is again. He was sort of like Justin Timberlake without the abundance of talent and charm.

13.) Working for the Weekend– Loverboy – Thank God this is the “remastered” version because what would we have done with the

The Plumbing Info Playlist
You’ll “Get Lucky” in those pants!

original. What guy didn’t want their parents to buy them those red leather pants on the cover of the “Get Lucky” record.

14.) Roll With The Changes – REO – We all just loved to say the name of the album “You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tuna Fish”. It was a hell of an album though and this is a classic.

15.) Cuts Like a Knife – Bryan Adams – Bryan Adams doesn’t get near enough credit, this is an awesome song and pretty talented artist.


As always thanks for listening/reading. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and rock out to these groovy tunes.



Sean Kavanaugh


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