Basement Flooding – Real Life Story

Pool tables don't like 12" of water

Continuous Basement Flooding Plagues Family A woman called the office complaining that her basement was continuously flooding. Upon further explanation of her basement flooding problems she told us that she had gone through 15 sump pumps in two years. In addition she had installed a pedestal pump because the impeller was easier to clean. She… Continue reading Basement Flooding – Real Life Story

Household Water Survey

How Much Water Can You Save?

What is a Household Water Survey and How is it Done? A household water survey is a review of how much water is being used in your home. Once total daily water usage is calculated simple but affective measures can be implemented to save water. How Can I Find Out How Much Water My Family… Continue reading Household Water Survey

Caping Threaded Pipe or Nipples

Standard Threaded Nipple

Caping Out Bad Threads Takes Some Skill Caping threaded Pipe or fittings is a handy talent that is very helpful with repairs on threaded piping systems. Caping is necessary when a piece of threaded pipe or a nipple is decayed but the fitting it’s connected to is in good condition. However in quite a few… Continue reading Caping Threaded Pipe or Nipples