Plumbing Licenses in Danger? More Companies Doing Plumbing Without Licenses



We have always taken pride in the plumbing trade and the license that is earned by going through an apprenticeship whether that be a union or non-union program. Because we deal

with the delivery of clean drinking water and the removal of extremely harmful waste we?ve felt strongly that a plumbing license is necessary to protect the public. However due to the downturn and the intense competition with regards to plumbing services we are starting to rethink our position with regards to licensing. Please don?t misunderstand, we believe in licensing laws however we very much disagree on its implementation and policing policies. Please read the email below from a long time plumbing contractor that will shed some light on the frustrations we face in our industry. Please note the following email was originally printed in a recent issue of PHC News and Richard DiToma uses this email to give advice to fellow contractors. Our angle is slightly different. This is not an article for plumbers and plumbing contractors, this is an article for everyone. Is it worth it for the public to have licensed plumbers working on plumbing and is it worth it for plumbing contractors to continue to take the time and invest the effort to renew their licenses?


Well that was certainly a mouthful and I think by the tone of Mr. Baumgartener?s email you get a sense of his frustration bordering on despair. He is not writing anything that every legitimate plumbing contractor in the US doesn?t think about every day. Mr. DiToma believes that we should get flyers printed explaining the importance of our services, we should be the squeaky wheel so to speak. I?m of the opinion that Mr. Baumgartener has done plenty for this industry, why should the contractor police the laws that our state has chosen to uphold? I?ll break it down even further, making real simple; Mr. Baumgartener and the rest of the plumbing contractors out there are literally breaking their backsides to land enough work to not only put food on the table of their plumbers but it?s gotten to the point where they have put food on their own table These plumbing firms don?t have enough time to pound on the News Channels or their local congressmen. They don?t have the spare energy to look through the phone book to make sure each contractor out there advertising plumbing also publishes the required license number in the ad. It?s easier and cheaper to fly under the radar. By no means do I think we should scrap licensing laws but we do need to find a way to even the playing field or eventually all you?ll have is handymen doing residential plumbing. So this is our shout across the bow, things need to change.This is one of many articles we will write educating the consumer on the benefits of hiring licensed plumbers and the potential disasters that can occur we plumbing is left to individuals that have only a cursory knowledge of the trade.

Thanks Paul for allowing me to print your email.


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