Sump Pump Challenge



Surprising Sump Pump Challenge


With so many choices and so much advertising devoted to sump pumps we thought we would put together a challenge to see just who?s pump has the best performance. The most popular sump pump sold is a 1/3 HP so all pumps in the challenge will be equal in that respect. Not all of the pumps shown are sold at the same price point but all pumps are the best 1/3 HP pumps offered by their respective companies. We attempted to gather as many sump pump brands as possible however if there is one you don?t see and you?d like to see how it fares please shoot us an email, we will acquire and put it to the test. After much internal debate we decided that the best way to gauge pump performance would be to have the pumps, pump against one another. Let?s explain in a little more detail. Putting the pumps in separate translucent drums and timing which one pumped the contents first was not easily measurable because all the pumps evacuate a standard pit with 10 to 12 feet of developed head pretty quickly. So we came up with a way, install the pumps in separate drums piped 10ft up and 2ft over into the competing pumps pit for 12ft of total developed head. Essentially each pump is pumping water directly against the other. When the pump that adequately removed the water from the drum and overwhelmed the other pump the timer was pushed and a winner declared. We hope this little contest helps you decide on the right pump for you with regards to performance and value. The results may surprise you, some certainly surprised us. It will be a fight to the finish ÿLet the pump off begin!!!!!!!!

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