Sump Pump Switches

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UPDATED: July 5, 2017 Sump pump switches are the main link for controlling the sump pump. The main cause for sump pumps to not operate properly is the switch. Without the switch, the pump will not turn on. There are basically three types of switches; vertical, diaphragm, and tethered. There is an electronic switch that… Continue reading Sump Pump Switches

Level Guard Against Sump Pump Switch Failure

LevelGuard Sensor Switch #1

What does the Ford Edge, Whirlpool Refrigerators, an RV holding tank and a sump pump switch have in common? Tough question right? Well once you hear the connection it will make quite a bit of sense. The common thread begins with a company called TouchSensor Technologies. TouchSensor Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of a… Continue reading Level Guard Against Sump Pump Switch Failure