The Cloud Nothings Playlist #18

The Cloud Nothings Playlist
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The Plumbing Info Playlist #18

The Cloud Nothings Playlist
The Cloud Nothings Rock!

The Cloud Nothings stormed on to the indie music scene in 2009 sort of by accident. The founder Dylan Baldi would come home from college and record music on Garage Band. He would upload the music under multiple band names and one of the songs posted under the band name The Cloud Nothings caught the attention of a promoter and the rest is history. Their 4th and latest studio album “Here and Nowhere Else” dropped (I just wanted to write “dropped” because I think I’m super cool) on April 1, 2014 and it is a gem of garage punk glory. This is one of those bands that has evolved quite a bit since their first record and in a good way. I can’t stop listening and I hope you’ll give them a shot as well. Have a great weekend and don’t forget you can hear me on two podcasts every week the first you can find here and the other is here


Rocking it the “F**k Out With The Cloud Nothings Playlist #18

1.)  No Thoughts

2.)  No Future/No Past – This one starts off slow but ends in a cacophony of wicked guitar noise.

3.)  Now Hear In – As with several Cloud Nothings tunes I find myself stomping my feet or slapping my steering wheel to their fast hooky beats.

4.)  Rock– This is where the band started. They sort of sound like a west coast garage band but they evolve into a densely sounding guitar driven punk band. When I hear this song I picture some skaters breaking into the backyard of an empty house in LA to shred the pool. Breaking Bad style.

5.)  Wasted Days – One of my favorites. Makes you want to go outside and spray paint Anarchy on something.

6.)  Quieter Today – I’m pretty if you’re listened to the other tunes you’ve figured out that there is nothing quiet about The Cloud Nothings.

7.)  Should Have

8.)  Stay Useless – “I need time to stop moving, I need time to stay useless”. That’s Millennial angst right there.

The Cloud Nothings Playlist
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9.)  Turning On

10.) Cut You

11.) I’m Not Part of Me – This is the first single off of their latest record.

12.) Pattern Walks

13.) Forget You All The Time – There is nothing like being told you’re forgotten all the time. Have a nice day.

14.) Just See Fear

15.) You’re Not That Good At Anything – This the title to the sequel for “Forget You All The Time”. These two phrases should be mandatory for the self-help book “How To Let Em Down Hard And Make Damn Sure They’ll Never Be Back”


I figured this would be a great group to start listening to, to get prepared for another miserable winter. Enjoy whatever warmth you have left.


Sean Kavanaugh


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