How to Properly Set Your Toilet Flange Height



What Is A Toilet Flange?

Setting your toilet flange height can make the difference between a properly functioning toilet and a leaky toilet. Proper flange height also allows you the freedom to choose your materials from what is readily available and prevent issues with installation and maintenance.

The toilet flange is a round disc, usually made from plastic, that also includes a sleeve that connects your toilet to the sewer line. Toilet flanges are typically PVC and are readily available at most hardware and home improvement stores.

Flanges are essential because they create a seal between your toilet and the sewer line. Without this firm seal odors, and leaks may occur that are both unpleasant and unhygienic. Leaks in this area can also cause rotting in the surrounding materials that make up your floor and are generally best avoided at all costs.

Before installing your flange, consider your flooring height, and if possible install your flooring. Flanges can be dropped in place and secured with few other materials required, but their height is essential.

Connecting a new toilet flange starts with removing the toilet to expose the flange underneath. There are typically several bolts that hold the toilet in place against the wax seal and flange so be sure to loosen those first and save the hardware for later if you intend to reuse it.

Finish each step in order

Finish each step in order
Carefully measure when needed
Don?t skimp on the finish work


Below the toilet, you?ll see the flange which should also be secured with bolts or similar hardware. If the height of your flangeÿneeds to be adjusted, remove the bolts and flange so that repairs can be made and the flange height adjusted.

Purchase A New One

Depending on how high your flange needs to reach, there are different styles of flanges available. The optimum toilet flange height is approximately ¬ inch above the floor to achieve the best seal and overall fit.

Installing a Toilet Flange

If the previous flange is too low, purchase one that is designed to sit on the finished floor and provide the optimum toilet flange height. These models may feature an additional metal or plastic ring that sets directly on the polished floor but is hidden by your toilet once it is reinstalled.

Other Helpful Tips For Toilet Flange Height

A flange that is too highÿwill also cause plumbing issues and may keep the toilet from covering the hardware beneath it and sitting correctly on the floor. To fix this, you may need to trim the PVC pipe beneath to lower the flange to its proper height.

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