Top Ten Plumbing Tweets This Week

Plumbing Tweets

Although you might not normally think of plumbing as a laughing matter, these Twitter users have found the humorous side of home maintenance. Here are ten of the best plumbing related tweets from the past week.

1. Stuart Heritage (‏@stuheritage) wrote on July 25th at 12:05 pm that “My plumber dad is really unhelpful when I have a plumbing problem. Just wait until he needs something liveblogged.” The idea of Stuart’s dad having his son liveblog his life in exchange for plumbing services is pretty entertaining. Stuart’s dad apparently does not have a Twitter account, as he did not respond.

Plumbing Tweets

2. Plumbing company Midland Plumbing (‏@MidlandPlumbing) tweeted at 1:54 pm on July 24th that “#Funny guy #DemetriMartin said “My #plumbing is all screwed up because it turns out I do not own a garbage disposal.’” Now I wonder if I can have a plumber add a garbage disposal to my gut. I would love to be able to eat more junk food.

Plumbing Tweets

3. Nick Harman ‏(@spidermanthebum) summed up most people’s attitude towards plumbing in a pithy tweet on July 21 at 11:17 am. Nick tweeted “Ewwwwwww #plumbing.” Having been present during some pretty disgusting toilet overflows, I have to agree with Nick.

4. Lex Walker (‏@LexWalk) went to a dark place to come up with his July 19th tweet at 9:20 pm: “It’s just a scientific fact, the dachshund puppy is the most flushable puppy. #dogs #plumbing #aspca.” I always assumed the most flushable puppy would be a pee-cup poodle.

5. Fans of old school video games will get Gordpie_geezer_laugh’s (@ilovepie84) tweet right away. ‏On July 23rd at 1:06 pm, Gordpie tweeted “Made a mistake paying Super Mario in advance to fix my plumbing. As soon as I paid him he jumped down the pipe and disappeared.” Honestly, Mario and his brother spend so much time chasing after that Princess that it must be hard to stay in business.

6. Chris Sims (‏@theisb) tweeted on July 20th at 9:46 pm that “The plumber will be back in the morning with… THE SNAKE. Is this a Cobra plot?”

Plumbing Tweets

7. Aaron Sweet (‏@aaronsweet) tweeted this gem on July 19th at 5:16 pm: “ugh the plumber is coming…guess I’ll put pants on.” It is so nice that Aaron respects his plumber.

8. Fresh Prince (‏@JakeRowlands12) tweeted at 12:58 pm on July 27th that “Em just walked in ‘is that the plumber’ i replied with ‘no it’s batman’ don’t know why, but i found that funny.” Hopefully, Em found the Fresh Prince’s snarky response as funny as he did.

9. In a tweet sent at 1 pm on July 27th, Stewart Hendler (‏@stewarthendler) made everybody on twitter glad that they were not him: “You never realize how much you love effective plumbing until sewage bubbles up through 2 of your showers and soaks your carpet.” Ew.

Plumbing Tweets

10. Christy Morgan (@TheBlissfulChef) tweeted at 12:45 PM on July 27th that “I came home to food in my shower. *shiver* The plumbing at my new place is no bueno!! :(” Did Christy find Mexican food in her shower? That probably needs to be fixed.

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