Trouble Shooting a Sloan Flushmate – Picture Tutorial

Trouble Shooting a Sloan Flushmate pressure assisted toiet

In my perpetual quest to give you the best information I can, I ran across Sloan the Flushmate – Trouble Shooting a Pressure Assisted Toilet tutorial. There have been a few of these done over the years but none better and easier to navigate than this one. The pictures are clear and the steps are easy to understand. If you are either a new plumbing technician learning to expand their knowledge or a homeowner trying to fix the goofy looking flush tank in his or her bathroom this tutorial will help.

I’d like to give a special shout out to Paul DeBoo at Sloan Flushmate for passing along this print ready PDF. Please click the hyper link below for a full sized printable copy of the Trouble Shooting PDF.

Flushmate Troubleshooting Tutorialsloan flushmate pressure assisted toilet

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