Water Coolers and Drinking Fountains – Haws' New Direction

Haw's drinking fountainThe drinking fountain or “bubbler” if you live in Wisconsin, Portland Oregon or Rhode Island, the water cooler, the kitchen sink faucet, the hose, bottled water etc., are all ways in which we ingest life’s most precious nutrient…..water. Heck if you’re in an office the water cooler is “the” source for current news and gossip. Times change, work efficiency is paramount, there is less time for employees to “shoot the breeze”, office space is expensive. There is also an increased use of bottled water and people bringing their own bottles filled with water from home. People are now questioning the safety of drinking water out of certain plastic bottles. We haven’t even mentioned how expensive it is to buy bottled water so I guess now it’s been mentioned.

A New Type of Haws Drinking Fountain.

So the product development team at Haws put on their respective thinking caps and theHaw's drinking fountain Haws Hydration Station was born. The Hydration Station is a leap forward in how water is dispensed in the home or office. The Hydration station is considered a water dispenser or bottle filler but the features and benefits go far beyond that of a normal water dispenser.

This Drinking Fountain/Water Cooler is Different.

Haw's drinking fountainIf you’ve ever been in an office, health club, department store etc., you can’t miss the fact that the water cooler is being touched by hundreds of hands each day. We don’t have to wave the UV lamp around for people to understand this is a breading ground for germs. The Hydration Station eliminates the fear of germs and virus’ in two ways. The first being that its touch free, it has a sensor to detect the presence of a hand, bottle or glass, so no contact has to be made with the appliance. Secondly the exposed surface features anti-microbial plastic to inhibit the growth of mold or mildew.

The Best Tasting Drinking Fountain Water You’ve ever Tasted.

You really know you’re employer cares when they provide a water cooler dispenser withHaw's drinking fountain a filter. Yes the Haws Hydration Station comes equipped with carbon based cartridge filter for taste and odor. The cartridge has 2500 gallon life span and is super simple to change out. The cartridge is quarter turn and the Hydration Station has an internal check valve eliminating the need for separate shut-off valves.

Quality Construction to Meet Demand

Haw's drinking fountainIn addition to the anti-microbial high impact ABS plastic that covers the front the back of the unit is built using 304 stainless steel. The unit also lead-free by all known definitions including ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Section 9, California Proposition 65 and the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Product is compliant to California Lead Plumbing Law (AB 1953), and is certified under the Drinking Water Fountain category by IAPMO.. Model 2000SM is Certified to the Standards for Safety Electric Plumbing Accessories (ANSI/UL 1951) and Industrial Control Equipment (CSA C22.2 No. 14) .

Other Features and Benefits

  • Flexible installation options. Can be mounted on almost almost surface or a semi-recessed  model is available to take advantage of situations where you can mount behind the wall.
  • Unit is vandal resistant . Hidden lock is provided for easy access to internalHaw's drinking fountainparts.
  • Laminar flow of water prevents splashing. Laminar flow is water flowing in parallel layers with no disruption between layers so it is streamline. It cuts splashing down drastically.
  • Meets the ADA requirements for wheelchair access when mounted at the correct height
  • Dispensing area has LED lighting so you can see in low light situations.
  • Unit has a 30 second time out feature  to cut down on wasteful use of water.

For the home or office installations make sure to ask your plumbing professional for more information on this great product.

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