How to Replace Your Toilet Flange in 8 Simple Steps



How To Replace Toilet Flange: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you found us by searching ?how to replace toilet flange,? you may be experiencing a leaky toilet or less-than-desirable smells in your bathroom. Toilet flanges are a common household item that?s often neglected and overlooked over time. Luckily, they?re fairly easy to replace.

Your toilet flange is a small, circular pipe fitting that allows your toilet to pass blackwater between your toilet and your plumbing system. Regardless of whether or not you use public utilities, a septic tank, or otherwise, each toilet in the home needs a watertight and effective toilet flange. If you find your toilet leaks between the floor and the bottom of the toilet. It?s highly likely that the toilet flange is to blame.

Luckily, replacing a toilet flange isn?t very difficult. And even those who have never repaired a toilet before. Should be able to get through the process without any incident. If you?re looking for how to replace your toilet flange, you?ve come to the right place.

To get started, you will need:

There are several dozen varieties of toilets across both the nation and the world. But chances are, your home toilet will have a few components we?ll need to note.

A replacement toilet flange

A replacement toilet flange
A replacement wax ring
Tongue-and-groove pliers
A plastic bag
Rubber gloves
An extra pair of hands (optional)

Each toilet is bolted to the floor or the back wall. The most common locations for these bolts will be on the left and the right side of the toilet. And each will be covered with a white topper. Locate these bolts and set your tongue-and-groove pliers to the appropriate setting now. To avoid dealing with the issue when smells become more of a problem.

The other component we?ll need to take note of is the water supply. This will often extend outward from the bottom of the tank, on the side that your handle is on, and will connect to either the ground or the wall. You will also find a simple valve that will turn the water supply to the toilet on or off.

Turn the valve towards the listed direction and cut off all water supply to the toilet. Next, flush the toilet several times until there?s nothing left inside of the tank, or the bowl. If you need to, you can also use a wet and dry vacuum to get out that residual water. The drier the inside of your toilet is, the easier the next steps become.

Getting Started

If you haven?t already done so, you may want to put your gloves on for the remainder of the repair, and call upon that second pair of hands.

Removing the Toilet and Old Flange

Once your toilet is dry, remove the nuts from the bolts on the toilet and find a nearby location to place the toilet for the duration of your replacement. Before lifting the toilet, it?s usually a good idea to remove the top lid of the toilet?s tank?as this piece often isn?t secured and can fall off once the toilet is tilted.

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